iFree Skype Recorder is one of a kind recording software which has exciting features. The program ensures you with the best you assume in expectation of Skype recording. This application is number one in the universe for recording Skype conversations without any limitations attached to it. it is lightweight and easy to install. This Skype recorder will help you to record both your video and audio Skype conversations with high quality limitlessly not until you drop. It records automatically whenever you make a Skype call and this is advantageous for Skype conferences and interview, also helpful when you are sure you want record every call you engage in. But, it also has manual recording, this one is favourable for users who may not want to record all calls, they just enable the automatic recording when they need it.

Now we show you how to use the applications below:

How to use iFree Skype Recorder


Download/install iFree form the official website.


After the installation, you will be good to go to start recording, you click the red button that has “Ready” to start your Skype recording.


From the options then call recording, it provides you with options you can choose to record from like record both sides, only record my side, only record remote side. After you click on Apply to proceed.


Here, you select the kind of MP3 Quality you prefer, to access this, you just have to click options, then MP3 Quality and pick one as you see them, on the recording mode part ie. Mono, Stereo, Joint stereo. Or you select these other options i.e Recording BitRate as well as Recording SampleRate for good quality sound.


After all those steps, you will be able to find your recorded calls on the computer for a playback in the future.

Advantages of iFree Skype Recorder

  • The software will reply chats automatically to your contacts whenever you step away from your computer. This is beneficial for professional and business people who sometimes may have a number of schedules and may hardly find time to reply to their chats.
  • It has recording capabilities both automatic and manual recordings, you can always use the one that you find convenient.
  • iFree records Skype calls at a completely free cost.
  • It is lightweight and small, so you don’t have to worry about space on your PC
  • It records both video and audio Skype conversations automatically without limit.
  • This software saves in MP3format.
  • It is also simple to manage
  • You can track and access your history Skype recordings since all the recordings are organise very well by name, time duration and size.

Disadvantages of iFree Skype Recorder

  • When recording both your Skype calls (video & audio), don’t be surprised when some of them are not clear because iFree recorder has no management over the quality.
  • The app will not notify you during your recording sessions.
  • It won’t be easy to record Skype calls on the both sides.
  • During audio Skype calls, you are cut short being long calls are not supported.
  • iFree premium is expensive


iFree Skype recorder will allow you to record both your video and audio Skype calls without any limit and watch them later in the future. You can use this application to record your Skype calls all day with your friends and relatives and store as many memories as you would wish. Try this software to have a different experience during your Skype sessions.