MP3 Skype Recorder is much the same like Pamela, one of the predominant softwares we have in the world. The app lets you to record your Skype conversations with high quality. It records both video and audio calls as it derives particulars such as names & contacts of the incoming calls you get during the time you use it. MP3 recorder is for windows users and after installing it on your computer, it will work from the background perfectly as it stores recorded calls with different files such as WAV, OGG, WMA / MP3 format. When recording your Skype conversations, there are two options of recording capabilities ie automatic and manual: The automatic recording will record your calls immediately you make a call minus you having to do anything or start it up whereas, with the manual recording you have to click the recording button before it will start recording your conversations.  This application will fulfil all your Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) recordings.

Features of MP3

  • MP3 offers with free Skype recording conversations.
  • It allows you to record Skype calls automatically whenever you feel like, this is mostly convenient for professionals as they prefer using automatic recording during conferences as well as interviews, although it has a manual recording too for those who like recording calls manually.
  • This software stores audio calls in MP3 format.
  • MP3 Skype recorder also records both user’s Skype calls i.e incoming and outgoing, p2p plus online numbers.
  • With MP3 recorder, you are guaranteed with simple attainment with Skype conference recordings.
  • Can split the caller and the person called into different tracks, saving it separately
  • This app is direct and very to use for all users. You do not have to be experienced to use MP3 Skype recorder, everything is clear once you install it on your windows.
  • The app will auto chat reply to your contacts, this is vital in those times when you are up and down, when you cannot find time to be around your Pc, the app will definitely send a quick message to your friends to let them know you are away.
  • Also, pausing your recording can never get any better with this software, you can record, then pause if you want to and resume again to continue with your recording and when you are though with recording, you just have to click the stop recording button.

Advantages of MP3 Skype Recorder

  • MP3 Skype recorder can be diminished as it keeps track of Skype calls.
  • It is compatible with all windows.
  • You can record Skype conversations in Mono / stereo format.
  • It supports editing videos Skype calls and keep them for later use when they are impressive and beautiful
  • There is Remote/ Local options you can still use to record calls.

Disadvantges of MP£ Skype Recorder

  • MP3 Skype recorder is expensive, it costs $25


MP3 Skype recorder is one of the most reliable Skype recording applications around ensuring good quality sound and fulfilment that you deserve as the end-user. Install it to start recording your Skype conversations for future reference.