Pamela for Skype is simple and free to download software for windows that enables you to record Skype conversations easily. The app is only compatible with windows and allows you to record both video and audio conversations with good high quality sound. It will capture all your Skype conversations while storing them faultlessly as they are on Skype with the push button controls. and when the recordings are stopped, they are always arranged inside Skype recording stretch for apparent access. So from accomplished, you can appoint to either keep them or delete them f you want. Interestingly, Pamela comes in four different editions:

  1. Basic is the one offered for free, this version will allow you to record your Skype conversations for a limited period of only 15 minutes, unfortunately, it cannot record both video and audio calls collectively.
  2. Call Recorder version is much the same to basic version even though without the 15minutes restrictions
  3. Professional will offer you with different platforms such as voicemail messages, blogging and contact authority.
  4. Business is the finest of them all because it has unlimited features and superiority high tech agency by Pamela.

The above mentioned Pamela different editions leave the choice in your hands, now you know exactly what they have to offer you with. Download Pamela recorder for Skype to start recording your Skype conversations automatically. Therefore, let us list some of its features that you would like to know.

Features of Pamela

  • Pamela records both Skype calls (video and audio) automatically; this feature is flexible and convenient for all users who actually prefer to have their calls being recorded automatically as opposed to recording them manually by first clicking on the recording button.
  • It gives you the opportunity to add cool messages during your Skype call recording sessions to make your recordings look beautiful and more memorable whenever you have to review or use them in the future.
  • This software will also record both sides of your Skype call, it makes sure that you will not have to be with your memories alone but with the people you call involved! And this makes the recording worth keeping for future reference.
  • The app will play sounds during your Skype conversations, this is very important because that means you would never miss any recording in your life unless you intend to.


  • It is lightweight and easy to use.
  • Pamela notifies you during a Skype call.
  • The software supports call transfer
  • It also supports Skype conference call controller
  • With this software you will be sure to have Email forwarding while using it.


  • With the trial version, calls are limited to only 15minutes.
  • Pamela profession costs $32 which is a bit expensive
  • It is only for windows users Vista,7&8, 8.1 and win10, not compatible with Mac.


In my opinion, I applaud Pamela for Skype recorder because it is perfect and efficient for recording both video and audio Skype conversations in high quality with the capability to pause and stop recording when you need to, and it has a beautiful design too. The app is straight forward and easy to use.