TalkHelper Skype recorder is refined software for windows that enables its users to record Skype calls. The program is free and has a simple interface that will make you enjoy using it. it allows you to record both video and audio Skype conversations with high quality and store them for later use when they are desired. TalkHelper is different from other apps because it records from within as it captures every video Skype call you make; this is one of the reasons why it is graded as the best software in the world. With this tool, saving your Skype calls is as easy as recording them, it records and saves both sides of the users during a Skype call making it more fun to playback your recordings in the future because it involves both users. It is an efficient application for saving Skype calls on your windows.

In addition, it also records voicemails & chat messages. You right away observe the grounds why it is graded as the best software in the world. It will not stress you in anyway because it is direct to use. As of now, you can go ahead and install Talkhelper Skype recorder as we list down for you its features.

Features of TalkHelper

  • TalkHelper stores video chats & voicemails, this will help you to save your messages immediately by clicking on the button, also saves data locally on your HD which can be viewed in the future.
  • Automatic/manual capabilities, this plug-in allows you to record all Skype conversations automatically (video & audio calls) (incoming & outgoing calls) it saves your time by recording the calls automatically every time you try to make a Skype call, it will sense and begin recording straight away. However, you can still disable the automatic recording and turn on manual recording; we think the manual recording is best when you are not prepared to record every Skype call that comes your way.
  • TalkHeleper captures every video call from within which is advantageous to its users because it ends up storing files locally as AVI format with XVID codec.
  • It allows you to store audio files with WAV/MP3 format depending on what you select and feel comfortable with.
  • You can simply add sub tittles and quick notes during your recording sessions and this makes your memories more beautiful and memorable.


  • TalkHelper records automatically
  • Both video and audio can be recorded with this tool
  • It is very convenient to install and comes with a simple interface
  • It records Skype calls with high sound
  • It allows to play/share music and files during a Skype call.
  • TalkHelper is compatible on all windows OS
  • The app will save your Skype calls alone from other notes
  • It is clean and has no virus.


  • It requires enough space since it has large files.
  • There is no notification sound during Skype recording
  • TalkHelper premium is expensive


TalkHelper is an amazing tool for recording Skype conversations for later use when desired. I highly recommend you to install this app and experience the difference it comes with for its users.