Top 10 Skype Recording Softwares for Windows/Mac

Skype is the most common software that enables people around the world to stay in touch through an internet connection by both audio and video calling, instant text messages etc. The app is mostly used by people who cannot afford to miss keeping in to touch with their friends as well as businesses. If you are one of the people who depend on Skype to stay in touch with families and friends that are abroad, then recording your Skype conversations is quit important in your life because this helps you to always playback the recording of your loved ones every time you miss and feel like seeing them. The videos recorded definitely make you feel like you are closer yet in actual sense you are two different people miles apart. And the saddest part here is that Skype does not come with a recording feature, one of the reasons the third party developers came up with various recording applications that will allow you to record and then save the conversations as you have always wished to. So, today in this article, let us unfold some of the Skype recording softwares you could use to start recording your Skype calls.

TalkHelper for Windows

TalkHelper Skype video recorder is among the best tools in the world for recording Skype calls on windows. The app works well with Skype and has got a very simple interface. It allows you to record both video and audio Skype conversations in high quality. TalkHelper starts to record Skype conversations instantly when you initiate a Skype call in Skype. It is super reliable with efficient usability as it stores video messages and voicemails for your professional use or personal conversations. You can use it on every Skype version starting from 6.16-7.6. This tool will also capture both Skype calls because it records from the inside then stores them locally as AVI files with XVID codec. . With TalkHelper, your files will be organized and protected very well, and below are some of the features you will enjoy when you happen to use the tool.

Features for Talkhelper Skype Recorder

  • It will record video and audio Skype calls automatically, you will not have to do much with this software, you just have to keep on making Skype calls and the recording would be taken care of. Also it features a manual option for recording, in case you are not ready to literally record away everything, then you have a choice to change to manual.
  • The software ensures high quality recording, whatever you record will be worth watch again in the future.
  • It lets you to edit your recorded videos, you can add anything you want such as; name, tags, and tittles.


  • It is easily installed
  • The app supports both video and audio Skype recording
  • Both outgoing and incoming Skype calls are recorded automatically.
  • It stores Skype video messages and voicemails.
  • There are no viruses, meaning your computer will be protected.
  • It saves audio and video conversations separately from other notes.


  • TalkHelper has no warning sound during the Skype recording.
  • The paid version is expensive.

Pamela for windows

Pamela Call Recorder software is an amazing application which records Skype conversations effortlessly. It records both video and audio Skype calls automatically in different formats, the audios can be recorded in WAV or MP3 format with high quality sound. In addition, it will ensure Email forwarding after you stop the call and will make sure to leave a convenient message or respond back to your contacts when you have stepped away from your computer.


  • It is flexible to operate and manage
  • It records Skype calls automatically.
  • Pamela provides a notification sound


  • With the free trial version you are allowed to record for 15 minutes only.
  • Its premium version is not cheap.

MP3 Skype for windows

Mp3 Skype recorder is free and excellent software for windows that allows you to have Skype conversations while being recorded. It can be used to record your Skype calls using or from the landline and p2p conversations. The app will help you record Skype conversations the minute it realizes you have begun a call and it will smoothly store them depending on the preferred format available like WAV, OGG, MP3 /WMA files. In spite all that, the app is simple to download and it will launch immediately to work with Skype.

Features of MP3 Skype Recorder

  • The best thing you will find in a Skype recorder is to be able to record your Skype calls automatically, there is nothing that beats that because no one ones wants to click record whenever they are going to record their calls unless its deliberate. So, with Mp3, you have got that covered surely.
  • It features two options, the first one mentioned in the first point and then the manual recording. Well, manual recording is also possible, if you do not like to record all calls then its best to opt for this.
  • It supports video conferences.
  • It allows you have p2p conversations recorded


  • Its interface is simple and convenient for all users.
  • MP3 Skype recorder automatically records both video and audio Skype conversations immediately you start a call in Skype.



  • It is not compatible with Mac users, only favours windows

iFree for Windows

iFree Skype recorder is known to be the very 1st free Skype recorder all over the world to enable you record Skype calls on windows with no restrictions attached to it. However, that does not necessary mean that the other Skype recorders are not partly free as well; some could be recording audio Skype calls only or are somehow restricted in different ways. iFree is a completely free tool and has separate settings for example: record other side only, Record audio only also picture-in-picture. Downloading is easy to, so install it to have a blast.

Features for iFree Skype Recorder

  • It comes with a pause button which allows you to pause your recordings whenever you get any kind of interruptions or you just want to finish up something’s first then resume.
  • iFree Skype recorder is absolutely free, allowing you to record conversations as much as you want to.
  • It comes with two recording capabilities (manual/automatic) those who prefer recording everything use the automatic recording and those who prefer to not record all the calls use manual recording of which it has to be turned on whenever you make a Skype call.


  • It is simple and lightweight.
  • With just a single click, iFree Skype recorder will record both audio and video Skype conversations.
  • iFree Skype comes with a built in mp3 player
  • It is very possible to trace for recorded history.
  • It also has an auto chat Reply.
  • It records Skype audio calls and stores them to MP3 files.


  • Skype video calls cannot be recorded in good high quality.
  • If you try to record video calls continuously, it will show error
  • You cannot record Skype video calls when the other party has not turned on theirs.

Amolto for Windows

Amolto call recorder for Skype is a recording application for windows which enables you to record all kinds of Skype conversations immediately you commence a Skype call. The software records both video and audio Skype conversations in high quality as it captures video calls. It will store the audio recordings in MP3 format as well as it captures both party’s sides during the call. Amolto is ready to offer you with impressive usability during your recording sessions.


  • The app displays all the recorded notifications such as call duration, name, etc
  • It enables you to edit the recorded video by adding short notes as well as simple tags.
  • Amolto ensures auto chat Reply to your contacts, whenever you move away from your desk, it will respond with a suitable message that you are not available at the moment.
  • It is also free to upgrade.


  • The free premium trial version is limited for only 10 days and 5 minutes video recording.
  • The video is annoying before it gets activated, it has ads.

Vodburner for windows

Vodburner is persuasive Skype recorder application for windows which enables its users to record both video and audio Skype conversation automatically. The app will allow you to have your video calls recorded on condition that both users have to be with the app installed, and if its only one person with the app, then it will watermark the video not until you both have the app installed. Additionally, Vodburner offers you with another great feature of editing recorded videos in this side other side, side by side also capture video moments etc.


  • The software records video and audio Skype calls automatically.
  • It allows you to record in separate files such as WMV/MP4 etc.
  • It is lightweight so it won’t take too much space on your computer
  • Vodburner allows you to download YouTube videos with MP3 format


  • Vodburner trial version is restricted
  • It watermarks videos.

Supertintin for windows

Supertintin Skype recorder is a great tool for windows that will help you record both video and audio Skype calls with high quality. It is virus free and has a beautiful design which will let you have a smooth recording session whenever you feel like and they will be stored in your best folder on your PC to be reviewed in the future.


  • You can record video and audio Skype calls just by a single click after the installation.
  • The program is not large so you do not have to be afraid or worry about the space on your computer.
  • It allows you to have video recordings in different files like side to side and picture to picture files.
  • When recording with Supertintin, you can still do other stuff since you can hide the app during your Skype call conversations.



  • Supertintin free version allows you to record for only 5minutes
  • The company offers a test video call but ignores the request to use it.
  • Recording video conversations is not possible not until you review the options.

Ecamm for Mac

Ecamm Call Recorder is the most remarkably tool for Mac that aimlessly offers you with the recording direction in Skype. The app comes with an auto feature such as Audio Hijack which records calls automatically and after it stores the recordings on your computer attached with the name & date of the person who has called you. Let’s look at its pros and cons below:


  • The app records both video and audio Skype recording.
  • It allows you to share files during a Skype call.
  • It is simple to down and also work with
  • The program permits you to have conferences/ interviews and view them in the future.


  • It does not support uploading files on the web

Rogue Amoeba Piezo for Mac

Rouge Amoeba Piezo is among the best tools for recording Skype calls on Mac. It is easy for users to record Skype audio conversations using any kind of input such as earphones/headphones etc. The software has a simple interface which will not take a lot your time during the configuration process. It will store your Skype call recordings on your desktop making it so easy for you to edit them and recycle the in the future if you want to. Furthermore, you also have a chance of recording a movie that may be running on your computer just in case you are interested. Install this app on your PC to enjoy the amazing features it comes with.


  • Rouge Amoeba Piezo has an amazing design and a simple interface.
  • You do not have to worry about settings with this app, it records Skype calls automatically.
  • It allows you to access your recorded conversations for a playback in the future.
  • It enables you to record movies
  • With this app, you can record your audio conversations from earphones.


  • It cannot capture Skype audio recording at ago.
  • You can record prolonged videos with Rouge Amoeba Piezo
  • It does not show any effects during the audio Skype call recording

QuickTime for Mac

QuickTime is a powerful recording application for Mac, The program will record all your audio conversations, be it video, or short voice notes. It comes with the screen share capabilities as well as record and capture audio from a microphone and then store them with m4a format with good high quality sound effects enabling them to be played on various platforms like iTunes, iPads etc.  QuickTime will allow you to record audio calls without limit and provide you with the features to edit it in case you would like to cut out some unnecessary segments.