Vodburner Skype Recorder is simple and lightweight software for windows 7 & 8, Vista, 2000 and XP used to record Skype conversations. The tool will allow you to record both video and audio Skype calls for later use in the future. It will ensure good high quality recording every time you make a video Skype call recording and will also record the calls automatically, no need to click the recording button whenever you want to make a call. Vodburner will just do it because it gets notified when you begin a call. However, to record the both users video recording sides, you both need to have the app installed, in this case, if it is just the caller with Vodburner or using video when recording and the other person does not have, then the video recording  will be watermarked. So this clearly means that before you start recording, be sure that the person you are calling also has the app installed. Additionally, you can choose a format where you prefer to store your recordings such as MP4/WMV files and also record videos in split files such as side by side, this side/ other side etc.

How to use Vodburner Skype Recorder

  1. Downlaod Vodburner tool and follow the instructions.
  2. Skype will display Allow access asking for permission to be authorized, after Vodburner will be connected eventually to Skype.
  3. Vodburner will now show and you will be in position to record Skype conversations as well as pause the recording if you to, resume it in your free time and it will begin from where you paused it. And when you click stop button, all the recording will be stored on your computer.
  4. Also, if you do not intend to record all the Skype calls automatically, you can always turn off the automatic recording feature in Vodburner by clicking on the Options tab. After you press on the Configure and eventually Recording. Then un-mark automatic feature to proceed.


  • It records video and audio Skype conversations smoothly.
  • The app has the pause button option which is one of the most interesting features to have in a Skype recorder. The button will allow you to pause your Skype recording and still enable you to resume and begin from where it was paused as well click the stop button if you want to end the recording.
  • With this software you can easily add names, tags and sub tittles to your Skype recordings, this helps when it’s about that time comes for looking for a specific recording. You just have to use the name given to your recording and search for quicker results.
  • This tool will also capture every video frame of your conversation during a Skype call.
  • The app will record your calls automatically as soon as you start a Skype call saving you the burden of beginning it each time you are about to make a call.
  • When using this app, you have all the power to whatever you like for example; you can choose who you would like to show with these options: this side/other side and side by side. etc


  • It is annoying because it watermarks videos
  • The app does not notify users during Skype recording
  • The premium version requires payment in order to use it.